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ZipZero are a fast-growing tech business that helps UK consumers pay their utility bills by enabling them to extract maximum value from their shopping data, vital in challenging times such as these, and not just for consumers but also for utility companies (EDF signed contract). Via the ZipZero app, UK consumers get rewarded for sharing all their shopping receipts – both physical and digital and the rewards are cash based which can be used to pay off any recurring utility bill.

  • EIS Approved
  • EDF contract promoting to 3.5m customers
  • Cost-of-living crisis solution
  • The rewards generated then pay your monthly bills. 

Pentire Drinks

Pentire Drinks' plant-based non-alcoholic spirits are sold in the worlds best bars and healthy retailers, growing at 100% annually (*CAGR) with online, on-trade, retail, export, owned international subsidiaries. Backed by expert FMCG investors and founders of the likes of Mindful Chef, Beavertown Brewery and Aspall with board/investors including the likes of Rianta Capital (New Look founder) and Shilen Patel (Distil Ventures).

  • £2.3m revenue 2023
  • Backed by Edition Capital
  • Fastest growing zero alcohol brand in the UK
  • EIS Approved


Freja is one of the fastest growing food brands in the UK, and aims to be the leading European bone broth brand. Freja's both broths are completely natural, giving consumers the benefit of nutritious, wholesome food in convenient, 100% recyclable packaging. Our market is also highly active in the M&A space. 

  • EIS approved
  • £6m in sales run-rate
  • Leading UK brand, with multichannel distribution
  • Investors include former Unilever CEO

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